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Current local time in India – Karnataka – Bangalore. Get Bangalore's weather. Current local time in India – Andhra Pradesh – Kurnool. Get Kurnool's weather. You'll often want to work with dates and times when developing websites. For example, you might need to show the last modified date on a post.

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The following examples use the Parse and ParseExact methods to parse a string and convert it to a DateTime value. Local time is relative to a particular time zone. The DateTime structure itself offers limited support for converting from one time zone to another. An application may require dates be input in the current culture's short date format. The following code shows the correct format string to use: The following code snippets show examples of each:

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Current date time Note An alternative to the DateTime structure for working with date and time values in particular time zones is the DateTimeOffset structure, current date time. Creating a value without an explicit initialization also results in the default value. The appearance of date and time values is dependent on culture, international standards, application requirements, and personal preference. Time zone-aware applications such as many Web applications also need to work with a current date time of other time zones. Using repeated calls to the DateTime. ToString IFormatProvider method to create the short date and long time representation in a specific culture.
The Iso format does not have a corresponding standard format string. Note If you are working with a ticks value that you current date time to convert to some other time interval, such as minutes or seconds, you should use the TimeSpan. It changes the current culture to English Great Britain and calls the GetDateTimeFormats method to generate an array of date and time strings. You can use a TimeZoneInfo object to represent a DateTime value's time zone, although the two are loosely coupled, current date time. The Millisecond property returns the thousandths of a second in a date and time value. The TryParse and TryParseExact methods return a Boolean value that indicates whether the conversion succeeded or failed, current date time. Milliseconds property changes only after the call to Thread. current date time

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