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50 Fun, Cheap Dates (That Aren't Netflix). Avatar · Chrissy Stockton Updated October 9, Author Chrissy Stockton shares with us 50 cheap date ideas. 1. 50 Fun, Cheap Dates That Are Perfect For Winter. Avatar And if you don't have an idea in mind, there's always Pinterest to fill your minds with inspiration. Knock it Outta the Park! A Baseball Date Night – Fun printables and ideas for a baseball movie date night. LOVE it! The after game party ideas.

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Fun dates to take your boyfriend on - will

Head on a Mini Road Trip Pick a destination about an hour from where you live—it could be anything from a flea market to a restaurant off the beaten path—and just drive. You can, of course, still throw in some mimosas and have a little weeknight party in the kitchen. Find a local gym and try out climbing for a day. Pick out a gift for someone in need. Bake a Cake Or cupcakes, or brownies, or cookies! There are usually free nights at the zoo in winter since it is slower, but the animals are typically more active in the cold. Go on a winter hike. Invite a few of your friends over and have everyone make cookies to exchange. Have a Friendly Bowling Competition Dust off those bowling shoes, and have a friendly bowling competition slash date. Learn how to knit. Then decorate it together, have your partner help you hang the ornaments and string the lights. You can pick up supplies to make your own holiday decorations or ornaments. Go to your local, or favorite, book store and find something that you will both enjoy.

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