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when specifying HTTP headers such as If-Modified-Since in the incoming requests, it would be interesting to enforce the expected format to. ISO , , , and ; RFC (as Updated by RFC ); asctime() Format. Datetime Formats Used with Specific Web Technologies. HTTP . Problem/Motivation Drupal is using gmdate to generate the Last-Modified header in RFC format. gmdate(DATE_RFC, Resulting in code matching.

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If a proxy receives a host name which is not a fully qualified domain name, it MAY add its domain to the host name it received. The last three tags above are not registered tags; all but the last are examples of tags which could be registered in future. Parameter values might or might not be case-sensitive, depending on the semantics of the parameter name. In general, HTTP treats a multipart message-body no differently than any other media type: The term "character set" is used in this document to refer to a method used with one or more tables to convert a sequence of octets into a sequence of characters.

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An entity can be broken down into subranges according to various structural units. Their use here is representative of historical practice, not good design. It avoids a situation where compliance with the protocol would have necessitated a possibly infinite buffer on the proxy. A server using chunked transfer-coding http date format a response MUST NOT use the trailer for any header fields unless at least one of the following is true: HTTP relaxes this requirement and allows the transport of text media with plain CR or LF alone representing a line break when it is done consistently for an entire entity-body, http date format.

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